What is Chip & PIN? | The Importance of PIN

Now, with Chip & PIN Visa cards, security comes to your card.

PIN transactions are easy.

When you make a purchase with a Chip & PIN Visa card, you simply enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to complete the transaction. Visit the Using your Chip & PIN Visa card page, and you'll soon see how easy your transactions will be.

Your PIN is unique to you

You do not hand your card over to anyone to complete a transaction. What's more, if your Chip & PIN Visa card is lost or stolen, it cannot be used to complete a transaction without your PIN being entered. Just remember to protect your PIN.

You can change your PIN at any time.

Your Visa issuing financial institution will have a system in place that will allow you to set up and change your PIN easily and conveniently.

For more information on how to set up or change your PIN, visit your Visa issuing financial institution site below:

The Importance of PIN