Next Steps | Visa-Issuing Financial Institutions and their Corporate Card Programs

Bank of America
Mr. William Bonnin
SVP Card Services
Tel: 1-980-683-5785

  • Bank of America Corporate Cards virtually eliminate excess time and costs associated with tracking, reconciling and managing travel and entertainment expenses.
  • Flexible authorization controls, billing options and payment options provide custom designed programs.
  • Hierarchical reporting structure provides meaningful and actionable reporting.
  • Cardholder benefits include portal to portal travel accident insurance, primary auto rental insurance, legal and medical referral assistance, 24-hour roadside assistance and 24-hour global assistance for emergency cash and card replacement.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Commercial Card Services
Tel: (416) 785-8076
Toll Free: 1-800-652-3888

CIBC has established a joint marketing agreement with U.S. Bank Canada to provide commercial cards to our customers.

For more information regarding the CIBC Corporate Visa Card Program, click here.

Visa Desjardins
Yan Cote
Account Manager, Commercial Card Solutions
Tel: (450) 582-8122
Toll Free: 1-800-947-1652

The Visa Desjardins Business Card offers many advantages:

Desjardins Travel Assistance
Travel assistance advises business travellers in need of referral services in case of emergencies, medical or legal problems and loss or theft of important documents.

Desjardins Business Assistance
The Visa Desjardins Business Card offers immediate access to a variety of information and services designed specifically for corporate cardholders.

Visa Desjardins à la carte Ticket Service
The Visa Desjardins à la carte Ticket Service gives priority access to a ticket reservation system for all events presented in Canada and offered by the Admission or Billetech networks or their affiliates.

Cash Advances
The Visa Desjardins Business Card gives access to cash advances, available at Caisses Desjardins counters, Visa financial institutions, as well as at Desjardins, Interac and Plus Network automated teller machines.

Detailed Billing
For each billing period, an account statement will be produced, detailling all purchase transactions and cash advances charged by the cardholder since the previous account statement.

Corporate Insurance Plan
The Visa Desjardins Business cardholder automatically benefits from a corporate insurance plan that allows appropriate protection and security during business travel.

Optional, the CORPORATEbonus plan offers cardholders the advantage of collecting points on all card purchases.

Royal Bank of Canada
Michelle Khan
Manager, Merchant Solutions
Tel: (416) 974-4336

Royal Bank of Canada has established a joint marketing agreement with U.S. Bank Canada to provide commercial cards to our customers.

For more information regarding Royal Bank Visa Corporate cards, click here.

Cameron McPhail
Director - Enterprise Solutions
Tel: (416) 866-6936

Manage both travel and procurement transactions with singular ease using the Scotiabank Commercial Card.

A Commercial Card Program is recommended for businesses with:
  • Sales over $20 million per year and spending of at least $3-$5 million per year charged to company credit cards
  • Decentralized buying authority
  • A large number of suppliers
  • Geographically dispersed operations
  • Significant travel and entertainment expenditures
With the Commercial Card Program in place businesses can:
  • Monitor cardholder spending by automatically comparing purchasing activity to established business rules
  • Implement spending controls down to the cardholder level and track company-wide spending
  • Monitor travel policies by generating customized reports

The Commercial Card Program is flexible, scalable and can be fully customized and integrated with existing and future business processes.

Also, as a Commercial Card client company, a Scotiabank Program Manager will be assigned to manage your account from initial consultation through program implementation, ensuring it continues to meet your company's evolving needs. Our consultative approach and extensive experience with industry 'best practices' ensures your program will meet its fullest potential and your exacting specifications.

U.S. Bank Canada
Paul Rodgers
V.P. Relationship Management and
Principal Officer for Canada
Tel: (416) 306-3504