How to Register for VbV

Register your card – one of two ways.

Using your Verified by Visa (VbV) personal password helps ensure only you can use your Visa(R) card when shopping online at participating VbV merchants. There are two ways to register:

  • Register online right now with your card issuer (select issuer below).
  • Register during a purchase with a VbV enabled merchant.

Remember to protect all your Visa cards. If you have more than one Visa card with a card issuer, or Visa cards from different card issuers, you must register each one individually. There is no cost for registration.

How to register your Visa card now

Step 1

Choose your Visa card issuer by clicking on the appropriate logo below. Once you've made your selection, you'll be taken to your card issuer's VbV registration page.

Step 2

Complete your Visa card issuer's registration process and choose a personal password when prompted. Ensure your password is easy to remember. Avoid using your birth date or phone number when choosing a personal password.

Step 3

Once registered, you're ready to start shopping online with added security. Whenever you make an online purchase at a VbV enabled online merchant, your card issuer will ask you for your personal password.

To register now, select your card issuer:

Scotiabank TD Canada Trust
Laurentian Bank Hometrust
Desjardins canadian-western-bank