Travelling with your Visa® Card

Collision/Loss Damage Insurance

Car rental insurance made easy.

With an Eligible Visa card, you can receive collision/loss damage insurance coverage when you use the card to pay the full cost of a car rental.

Visa cards eligible for coverage

Interested in knowing which Visa cards have you covered? This section lists every type of Visa card covered by the Visa Collision/Loss Damage Insurance program.

How we have you covered

Important details about car rental insurance when renting a vehicle in Canada, the United States or internationally with a Visa card eligible for coverage.

ABC's of car rental insurance

Unclear about a particular insurance term? We've created an easy access glossary to take the mystery out of car rental insurance terminology.

Frequently asked questions

You have questions? We have answers, including instructions on how to file a claim.

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Access Visa Member sites and insurance providers.

The Visa Collision/Loss Damage Insurance program is underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada and is provided by a group policy issued to Visa Canada Association. Complete terms and conditions, including exclusions and limitations, are set out in the Certificate of Insurance.

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