Visa payWave® a faster way to pay

Visa payWave®: a faster way to pay

Visa payWave is a convenient feature that lets you pay with your card or mobile device by simply waving it over a secure reader instead of inserting or swiping your card. The purchase will then be authorized, processed and billed in the same secure way it is today. All you have to do is check for this symbol Visa payWave on your card or check that your bank is participating in Visa payWave for mobile, and that you have downloaded the mobile app to your phone, wave it and go.

How Visa payWave transactions work

Visa payWave cards have an embedded antenna and microchip, enabling "contactless" communication with a reader at the checkout. No swiping, inserting, signing or PIN is required for purchases under the merchant's set limit. If your purchase is over the merchant's set limit, you may be asked to sign, swipe or insert your card instead.

Similarly, Visa payWave-enabled mobile devices with built-in near field communications (NFC) technology combined with an application, facilitates the same kind of instant communication with the reader. When you wave your phone in front of the contactless reader, the Visa payWave application safely transmits encrypted payment information to the reader. If your purchase is over the limit, you may be asked to insert your card or enter a PIN and tap a second time.

Visa payWave security

Visa payWave uses EMV chip technology, which provides enhanced security and protection from fraud. Visa payWave transactions are processed through the same secure and reliable network used for all Visa transactions. And because your card or mobile device never leaves your hand during the entire Visa payWave transaction, the risk of your card being used for fraudulent transactions is reduced.

All Visa cards also carry the Visa Zero Liability policy, which provides you with protection against fraud. If your Visa card is lost or stolen, you pay nothing for any fraudulent purchases. *

* Visa cardholders must establish that the transaction is not their responsibility as per all applicable agreements of the issuing financial institution, including protecting their PIN where applicable. Visa Purchasing, Visa Corporate, and Visa Commercial Cards are excluded from the program.

Visa payWave

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