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Visa Prepaid Cards

A convenient, secure alternative to cash, Visa Prepaid cards are pre-loaded with funds that cardholders can spend anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

The cards offer many features familiar to users of Visa credit cards, the merchant’s return policy still applies, and transactions are handled in the same way.

With Visa Prepaid, however, the purchase amount is automatically deducted from the remaining card balance after each transaction.

What is Partial Authorization?

Visa Partial Authorization lets you complete a Visa Prepaid card transaction even when the total sales amount exceeds the balance on the card. Your customers can simply pay the balance using another form of payment.

How you benefit

  • Improve your customers’ experience: Your customers no longer need to know the balance on their card before making a purchase. They can simply use up their card funds and pay the balance using another form of payment.
  • Complete more sales: Fewer declines at checkout mean more completed sales – and a boost to your bottom line.

How it works

Contact your Acquirer/Payment Processor to learn how your business can benefit from Visa Prepaid cards and Visa Partial Authorization.