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Fraud Prevention & Security

Whether you do business in person, online, over the phone or through the post office, security is an important priority. When you accept Visa cards for payment, you access programs and tools that help prevent fraud and ensure you and your customers are protected.

Layers of Security

Visa has developed multiple fraud prevention and detection systems and programs. A great way for you to protect your business is to use a layered approach, so that one fraud prevention tool complements another.
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Account Information Security (AIS)

Protecting sensitive Visa transaction information is critical to consumer confidence and ongoing business success. Visa’s AIS program helps ensure that merchants who process, transmit, store or access account or transaction information are protecting the data properly.
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Visa Card Security Features

Every Visa card comes with multiple identification and security features. Checking these features can help you differentiate between authentic and counterfeit Visa cards, and protect your business from fraud.
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Watch for Warning Signs

Reduce your risk of being targeted by fraudsters, by recognizing the warning signs. Visa offers practical tips and information that can make your business smarter and safer.
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