Visa Infinite Dining Series

Experience some of the best restaurants and chefs in your city

If your card says Visa Infinite, you get access to chef-curated events at top restaurants through the Visa Infinite Dining Series. Each in-person event features:
Four dishes served on a table
Three cocktails on a table
Chef Jonathan Bielaski
Stratus restaurant

Check out the full list of events below

A fresh series of events is released each season, available across the country.
Photo of a plated dish
Photo of a plated dish
Photo of a plated dish
Photo of a plated dish
Photo of a plated dish
Photo of a plated dish


A plated dish from the Bluebird Steakhouse
A dish from Bar Chouette
A dish from the Milpa restaurant
A pizza from Barbarella restaurant

British Columbia

A dish from the Vancouver Club restaurant
Several dishes from the Boulevard Restaurant
A dish from the L'Abbatoir restaurant
A dish from BurdockCO restaurant


A dish from the Lena restaurant
A dish from Alobar restaurant
A dish from Margo at Clio
A dish from the Louix Louis restaurant
Two dishes from Chantecler restaurant


A dish from the Bistro La Franquette
A dish from the Mon Lapin restaurant
A dish from the Moccione restaurant
A dish from the Hiatus restaurant

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