Find and support a local business

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this an extremely difficult time for all businesses, including small and local businesses that are the backbone of our communities. These businesses are adapting quickly to stay open and serve their communities in light of the mandatory closures and safety measures in place.

The ability to support these businesses may differ depending on your area. Please adhere to all federal, provincial and local COVID-19 guidance.


In addition to the Back to Business Locator, we’re supporting small business owners with a hub of tools, resources, and offers designed to help them start, run, and grow their business. Plus, we’ve launched a campaign encouraging people to share recommendations of small businesses they love with #MySmallBizReco.

Following a global crisis or natural disaster, businesses may face challenges in letting customers know they are open. Visa identifies merchants that have successfully processed a Visa transaction, which may be an indicator that the business is open. Within a day of Visa identifying a transaction, Visa updates the Back to Business Locator with information to help customers locate merchants that may be open.